欢迎DEF首位黑带女教练Viviane | Meet Viviane Albuquerque!

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迎来了馆里首位 “黑带”!Let’s welcome our new black belt instructor 

Professor Viviane Albuquerque  

joining our big family!


Far beyond a sport, jiu-jitsu is a philosophy of life and its practice is used inside and outside the mat, as in every moment of your life: respect for others, increase self-confidence, patience, courage to make decisions, etc… in addition to all the physical benefitsof a high powered sport.  For this reason, many women have been gaining their space in sport and the educational side has been adapted in schools, in enabling children to grow more mature, encouraged and mentally strong.


Viviane’s BJJ tour


 因为热爱,所以专注 Focus on what you love


曾在 阿联酋棕榈运动中心


重点教授 女性巴西柔术

以及 校园防身术

同时她也是 迪拜总统卫队成员 之一

Our new Professor Viviane

who worked at

Palms Sports UAE 

comes from Brazil.

She focuses on female Jiu-Jitsu

and self defense in schools.

She was also a member of

the Presidential Guard

 in Dubai.







She is not only a instructor,

but also has experience

in hotel management (F&B) for years.

Her qualification in sports education

and nutrition will positively support

your training in a long term!

What Viviane says
13年的柔术习练、5年的黑带经历,以及两年前拿到一段。柔术改变了我的生活,给了我胆识和坚毅,带我环游世界,并向大家传播了一些我学到的东西。 打开我的认知大门,让我交到了很多值得的朋友,并让我坚信生活能给我更多。现在,我已经知道我可以做任何我想做的事情,创造并实现自己的梦!13 years of jiu-jitsu 5 years of black belt and two years ago my first Dan. Jiu-Jitsu changed my life, gave me courge, made me stronger, made me travel the world showing a little of what I learned.. opened many doors, gave me many friends and made me see with eyes that I am capable of everything in this life. Today I know that I can be anything I want, especially being a dream maker. Oss!

DEF  Summer Camp
Opening date: July 13th,2020 


DEF 20-Time Challenge 2 减脂营
Opening date: July 20th,2020 

19:00-23:00,July 25th, 2020
* 提示:选手报名截止日期为2020年7月15日



Our Purpose


DEFGROUP provides students with professional guidance and a comfortable environment to pursue their fitness targets through martial arts. Our mission is to help our students reach and maintain their long-term health goals while enjoying the positive energy provided by a like-minded community each day at the academy.

我们的特点The DEFGROUP Difference

健身远远不只是站在跑步机上,面对着电视机,看着最新的电视连续剧。健身应当是一种生活方式, 是一个可以让你遇到志趣相投的人的互动环境。DEFGROUP就是这样一个让人期待已久的不同于传统健身房的地方。随着当今互联网世界的发展,我们在被动地去和别人沟通,DEFGROUP将提供更多的线下健身体验和人际交往,而这正是我们所追求的部分。我们不仅仅是一个健身场所,而是将你融入了我们的家庭,和我们世界级的训练师还有教练一起分享一个真正的社交环境。DEFGROUP将为你提供无与伦比的教学以及不断鼓励你达到最终的成果!

“Fitness” goes beyond a session on the treadmill, cocooned in headset behind a flat-screen while catching the latest episode of your favorite TV series. To us, it is a lifestyle choice, to be in an interactive environment meeting like-minded people and bonding through common interests.  In today’s internet era, it is important to “disconnect to connect”. DEFGROUP is that long-awaited difference to traditional gyms. Join our family, a fun-loving community led by top instructors! DEFGROUP promises to deliver unparalleled coaching and motivation to achieve the results you are looking for.


What We Offer


We offer an array of programmes from Beginners to Advanced levels, allowing each curriculum to be tailored according to your progress whether you’re completely new to the game or an old-timer. Our group classes are structured in the perfect size to deliver a balance between ample interactions with your teammates & close guidance from our coaches. No motivation to work out? Check out the nearest DEFGROUP location and engage with our community to ignite the inspiration you need!