「巴西柔术 – 新历程」BJJ – A New Path

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第三章 – 巴西柔术 | 新历程

Part 3 –

BJJ – A New Path

Guys, I was wrong. Horribly wrong. I had assumed that as I knew how to strike (more or less), that I’d be able to at least hold my own in grappling. This was incorrect. But let’s start from the beginning.


After newly joining Invincible, and attending the Boxing and Kickboxing classes for almost a month on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Che Gong Miao (CGM) gym, I was hooked. I wanted to train a couple of extra days, but the gym in Shekou was too far. However at the CGM gym, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays there was Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes taught by Thyago Garatina (Head Coach), a highly respected Black Belt from Brazil who has not lost a fight in almost 4 years since he arrived, and also Guilherme Araujo (Senior Coach) who is another high level black belt, not having lost a fight since he arrived in Asia 2 years ago, as well as being a pro mma fighter, likewise from Brazil. Both are also sponsored athletes, something not easy to achieve these days! In fact, I learned that almost all of Invincible top athletes and fighters are sponsored.

加入仁者无敌不久,近乎一个月每周一三五在车公庙训练拳击和自由搏击,我沉迷运动了。我本想多练几天,但蛇口店实在太远了。车公庙二四日的巴西柔术课由总教练Thyago Garatina执教,他是一位备受尊敬来自巴西的黑带教练,四年来他在国内赛事未逢棋手。还有一位高段位黑带教练Guilherme Araujo,来亚洲两年从未败过,他还是一名职业综合格斗运动员,同样的他来自巴西。两位教练都是由赞助商签约的运动员,现在很少有级别这么高的运动员!事实上,大部分仁者无敌的首席运动员都是赞助商签约比赛的。

For those that don’t know too much about the art, BJJ is unusual in that it has only 5 belts (white, blue, purple, brown, and black), and takes perhaps the longest to achieve a black belt of any art, with the average time taken being around 10 years, so you are often on the same belt for a period of years. It’s also different in that competing is encouraged, and in many instances, expected. In Invincible, the coaches led by example in this regard. Also, sparring seems to be an active part at the end of almost every class. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the classes, but one thing was immediately clear: IT IS AWESOME.


Everyone greeted me with a warmth and openness that was a little surprising, but I was beginning to notice by this point that this always seemed to be the atmosphere in Invincible; welcoming, friendly, and non-threatening in its environment. Then everyone lined up in order of rank (myself in the far distance at the end), bowed, and began a 30 minute intense warm up. Some of the movements were totally alien to me, but I was taken aside and shown them by one of the more advanced students. Then we all sat and watched as Coach Thyago explained and demonstrated the techniques we would be practicing that night. What struck me was that while the movement seemed simple, everyone, from the new students to the guys that had been training for years, paid very close attention. Then when actually practicing the movement myself, I understood why, as there were many fine points needed to make it work correctly.


The level of detail and meticulousness in the movements was amazing. I was fascinated by it. It also helped that Thyago was an excellent teacher. Despite standing 193cm and over 90kg, he had a very soft voice and quiet demeanor that was unexpected for someone with such a commanding physical presence. His explanations were clear and straightforward, so that even as a complete beginner I understood the points he was making in the movements. Coach Gui had almost the same height (189cm. It must be something in the water in Brazil. They make giants.) and build, but with a different personality and teaching style. His being playful and relaxed versus Thyago’s meticulous and perfectionist approach, but both styles excellent. They both excelled as teachers to students of all levels.


After attending several classes, I was also allowed to participate in the sparring (or “rolling” as it was called here). It was intense. The biggest difference I noticed was that unlike kickboxing or boxing, where you need to hold back during the sparring to avoid potentially injuring your partner, in BJJ you are able to spar at almost 100% with little chance of injury, since the chokes and joint locks that are applied can (and are) released as soon as you “tap out”, which stops the discomfort and any chance of injury. The tap is always respected, I quickly learned. Whereas in boxing you can’t unpunch someone, or tap out of a head kick. The extra effort also meant you get very tired. It’s a complete full body workout that left me as a big pale puddle by the end of the class (the tapping twenty times in five rolls may also have contributed). But the precision and effectiveness of this art was something I’d never seen before. I had definitely found a new passion. Now, with boxing, kickboxing, and BJJ as options….which one to compete in?

To be continued……

几节巴西柔术课下来,我可以参加实战训练了(他们也叫“对练”)。实战节奏很紧凑,不像搏击和拳击,巴西柔术实战中我们需要懂得控制自己,以免让自己和对手受伤,巴西柔术课很少有受伤的情况,降服技和关节技只要你“拍”就会停止,因此练习者不会觉得难受也不太可能受伤。我很快意识到“拍停”在巴西柔术运动里及时有效,拳击的时候你不可以收回你的出拳,或者因为高扫腿而喊停。实战比平日训练让人更疲惫,全身心完全投入让我在课堂结束之时剩下的只有躯壳(5圈实战下来我也就大概拍了20次)。但巴西柔术的技术精准和训练效果是我前所未见的,这无疑成为了我新的兴趣爱好。好了,拳击、自由搏击和巴西柔术…… 我要参加哪个项目的比赛呢?